Wednesday, October 12, 2011

haha oops (:

okay okay, i know i know... I really suck at keeping up on this thing. I know I know i say that every time i decide to finally update this thing, but i promise there is a great excuse this time! I have been overwhelmed with school and a very, let me repeated VERY mobile little stinker (aka Lux). So i apologize again for being bad at this whole updating thing, but lets face it i have a n lot more fun chasing lux around and doing my "wonderful" homework, that i kind of just forget about this thing. So i probably will forget and not update this thing for another 6 months, he he :)
Okay so as i mentioned before i finally went back to school (college). Yes, it has definitely been kicking my butt. I am really liking it though. I have awesome classes, with awesome professors which is really helpful. Plus i am done everyday by one and no later, so i get to spend the rest of my day with little stinker butt. Joyce, Lux's grandma watches her while i am at school, which is really helpful, because i would never trust a babysitter. Plus her grandma loves her and she loves her grandma so much. Sometime more than me. :) I don't blame her though her grandparents spoil her way more than i do!

Anyways enough about me, i know the majority of you guys read this to see what little miss lux is up too. Well she is definitely up to LOTS! Like i mentioned before she is super mobile. She isn't fully walking all the way but she definitely is trying her hardest. She seriously is so funny to watch. Her favorite things lately are destroying everything. I tell Jarrett all the time that she is the little boy he didn't get. She is constantly get in to all my drawers pulling everything out and of course putting them on. It is so funny she will come out from my bedroom and have like two of my tank tops around her head and one of my socks as a headband. She is pretty hilarious. She also loves her daddy's lambs. Her new thing is if you asked her what a sheep says she says "ba, ba, ba". You ask her what a cow says, she says "ba", how about a horse "ba". Pretty freaking adorable i know. She is definitely a farm girl, and a spoiled on at that.

So we had Lux's first birthday party recently, and it was so much fun. We had it at Staheli Farms, and had all our family and friends there. Of course i went overboard on the decorations and everything. I seriously felt like i was planning a wedding. Jarrett and I decided that no more big parties anymore until like her sweet 16th or something. But it was definitely worth all the time planning it. Even though she won't remember it we had lots of picture taken and she will be able to at least see all the adorable pictures. I couldn't believe how many people showed up either. Lux definitely is loved by a lot of people! We are really lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. I love every single one of you guys! Anyways i better go because i can already hear little miss attitude tearing something apart! So see you later, hopefully i will update this sooner, no promises though :) hehe

Her are some of Lux's 1 year pictures. Alisha Shaw took them, they turned out adorable. Check out her work at She is seriously amazing with kids, and does an awesome job as you can tell!! (:

Friday, February 18, 2011

How Time FLYS!!!!

So i can't believe that our little angel is turning 6 months old this month!! It crazy to think about how much she has grown in just those 6 months. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home weighing only a whooping 4lbs 7 oz and being terrified that i was going to break her! Now the little stinker is rolling over, talking up a storm, and starting to sit up by herself. She is getting so big!! It is kinda of sad to see her grown up so fast, but we are loving watching her explore and develop all her new skills! It is so cute to see how excited she gets when she sits up by herself, usually she gets so excited she kicks her feet, which cause her to tip over, but she still just smiles from eye to eye because she realizes she is doing something pretty amazing!!

She has started eating solid food and she LOVES it! We have given her everything from pears and bananas to green beans and peas, and she loves it all! If you have seen her recently it is pretty apparent that she loves her food :)) she is a CHUBB!! She really has been the biggest blessing in our lives and we don't know what we would do without her!! WE LOVE YOU LUX!!

Some of Lux's favorite and new things are:

-She LOVES solid food. Her favorites are bananas, carrots, and applesauce
-Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Land Before Time
-She talks up a storm. She definitely gets that from her DADDY :))
-She is a total mommy's girl
-She will not fall asleep without a blanket over her face. She seriously will bury herself before she goes to bed. It really scares me that she can't breathe, but obviously she can :)
-She loves being the center of attention!!!
-She discovered how to fake cough. So if she is NOT the center of attention she coughs to make
sure she is. YES, she is VERY smart!
-She is obsessed with animals.
-She is probably the world's happiest baby! She will smile at anyone and everyone!
Lux Marie you are amazing and the best baby that we could of asked for!! Thanks for keeping our lives full of entertainment and thanks for being so freaking CUTE!! We love you so much boogers :))

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

just a little update :)

So it crazy how fast time has been going by! Lux is 6 weeks old today! It doesn't seem like it has already been six week but it has and it has been the best 6 weeks EVER! She is constantly changing everyday! Her new favorite thing are baths! At first she really hated it when she had to get a bath, but now she LOVES them! She just smiles the whole time during them now! Her personality is really starting to show now! probably just because she is starting to stay awake longer! She also loves her daddy lots and loves when he talks to her! She just sits there wide eyed and smile at him the whole time he holds her or does anything with her!! She also is growing like a weed! I keep telling her to "stop growing Clifford!" because she really is getting so big! ok, maybe not big to everyone else but big to us considering how small she was! Anyways she really is our angel and these past 6 weeks have been amazing and we are so lucky to have such an amazing little girl!

Today was really fun! The NICU had a reunion for all the babies that had to be in the NICU and it was really great to see everyone! We got to see her cute little roommate Jagger and his cute parents! He is absolutely ADORABLE! Jarrett says that he approves of him when Lux's gets older to date! hehe I just laughed at him, cause he usually says that she is never going to date when she is old enough!! So that should let you know how cute Jagger is! Anyways it was also really great to see all the nurses and doctors there that helped Lux! I kind of got emotional seeing all of them, and being able to thank them for all the amazing support and care they gave us when Lux was there! They truly are some of the most amazing people that i have every meet and I am so grateful for every single one of them!!

Oh also we got Lux's newborn pictures done! We waited until she was almost a month old to get them, because we didn't want to take her out of the house because she was still so small! But we just got them back and they turned out adorable! We had Alisha Shaw do them and she did an amazing job! Here is a little sneak peek :) Enjoy!!

One of my FAVORITES :)

First family picture :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my real due date

So today is actually suppose to be my due date! Sometime today, I was suppose to be going to the hospital to have this beautiful little girl, but that is not going to happen because she is ALREADY here!! It is weird to think that little Mrs Lux should not of been here until today. I am so glad she came early though. Even with having her be in the NICU because she was 5 weeks early and having to see her with all those tubes and wires attached to her little body, feeling helpless that we couldn't do anything to help her! I would not of changed a thing! These past 5 weeks have been some of the most amazing weeks of my life. Lux is our whole world. I never thought that one little girl could bring so much happiness into a persons life, but she has proved me wrong! For being so small she has so much personality and attitude you can't help but smile and love her! She is constantly doing little things that make me and her daddy giggle.

We love you Lux and are so glad that you are here! You make our lives complete! We couldn't imagine having any other little girl than you! You are truly amazing! Love you booger :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1 month old.... already!!

So i can't believe our little girl is already a month old today! It seems like just yesterday we were finding out that i was pregnant, and now she is here and already a month! This has been one of the most amazing months of our lives! Lux is the best baby ever! and i am not just saying that! She NEVER cries!! she fusses once in awhile but only because she is hungry or wants her diaper changed :) She is always smiling and looking around! O and she thinks she is bigger than she is!! She is always lifting her head up to see who is talking and to just look around! It is amazing how much she has changed in just this one month! I keep telling her that she needs to "stop growing clifford! She always seems to smile when i tell her that, like she knows what i am talking about :) We went to the doctors today for her one month checkup. She now weighs 5lbs 14 oz, and is 19.5 in long! She is getting so BIG!! She is still only in the 11th percentile for her weight but she is in the 59th for her length! The doctor says that she is just going to be a petite little thing! She is so cute though. We are constantly being told how adorable she is! Of course I always agree with them, but i am bias though seein that she is my daughter but... o well!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lux Marie Webb

Our precious little angel Lux Marie was born August 25 at 3:24 am. She weighed in at a whopping 4 lbs 7 oz and she was 17.5 inches long! ha she was huge huh?! :) NOT!!
So the birth of our little angel was totally unexpected! On August 24 I went in for my weekly appointment. I had been going in every week to monitor my amniotic fluid that had been measuring low since week 32 of this pregnancy. Anyways we went into the ultrasound to measure my fluid and the first time the ultrasound tech measure it the fluid level came back as 6.7! 6.7 is not bad but it had gone down from the week before were it measured at 7.7. The ultrasound tech, which had come to know me very well since we were into see her every week didn't fill like that measurement was right, because the fluid levels just didn't look like they were that high. So being the great tech that she was she remeasured it. I am so thankful that she did because this time the fluid levels came back as 3 cm. This of course was really bad. They usually don't let your levels get below a 5 before they admit you to the hospital for monitoring and iv's, and mine was way below this. So as soon as she realized that my levels were this low she looked at me and said with a smile on her face "Girly you are probably going to be having this little one today!" Of course when she says this a million thoughts and emotions run through my body and i just break down and start crying. Not only was i crying because i was worried because she was 5 weeks early but also because i wasn't ready to have her yet. I thought I was but when the time came I was really scared. Don't get me wrong I was so excited for her to finally be coming but i just wanted her to be okay, and i was scared she wouldn't be coming this early.
Next thing i knew i was being walked to another room so the doctor could see if i was dilated any and to be talked to about being induced. As i am walking to the room i see my doctor and he just smiles and says "You naughty girl. You are suppose to make it 2 more weeks!" Of course i was still crying so he was really just trying to get a smile out of me, which he did! The ultrasound technician then gave me a hug and told me everything was going to be okay . Next my doctor came in to check me and i was already dilated to a 2 and 80 % thinned. This came as a total shock because i was only 35 weeks and i had not had any braxton hicks or contractions. After seeing that i was already that far along he told me that he was going to send me straight to the hospital to start my induction. So the first thing i did was call my mom to come down! i wanted her to be there with me through this whole experience since i was already freaking out! She left right then to come down.
After the doctor was done filling out the papers, one of the nurses walked me and jarrett to the labor and delivery floor and helped us check in. Next thing i knew i was getting my iv in and having all these monitors put on my belly! It was quite an experience, it seemed like everything was going super fast and i was just watching it all happen. They started the potocin and just told me to get as much rest as i could before the contractions started getting bad. Of course though i was not tired at all because i was still trying to get it through my head that this little girl was going to be here soon. So instead i just laid there watching tv and waiting for jarrett to get back with all our stuff, since he had to run home and pack our bags because we were not planning on being admitted that day.
Finally my contractions started. I figured that i was going to die from the pain of contractions but it really was not even bad they felt like like cramps, but that is it! Nothing like all the horror stores you hear of them feeling like you were dying. Anyways it took me about 12- 13hours to get from a 2 to 6 cm dilated. Once i was dilated to a 6, baby Lux's heartbeat kept dropping when i would get another contraction. So to help that stop the nurses tried moving and rolling me in different positions, but nothing seemed to help. So they decided to stop the potocin and just let my body do the rest, which it did. I went from a 6 to a 9 in 45 minutes. When the nurse told me that i was to a nine i decided that it was probably time to wake jarrett. He had been sleeping since i was about 4 cm dilated ha :) So my mom woke him up and he still wasn't all the way awake so he decided he was going to go walk down the hall and get a drink for him and my mom to wake them up. As soon as he left the nurse came back in to see if i had dilated anymore and i had i was a 10 and fully thinned! This is when i started freaking out because the nurse wanted me to start pushing. So frantically my mom called jarrett to hurry and come back in cause the nurse was wanting me to push, but of course he did not have his phone. Meantime as my mom is calling him he walks in and the nurse is saying "okay we are going to have her push." It took him a second to realize what she had said, but once he did he got the biggest grin on his face, cause he realized that his little girl was going to be here any minute! So i pushed about 3 times with the nurse and she told me to STOP pushing because she could see the head and she didn't want me to have the baby before our doctor got there. The nurse then left to call the nurse, while she was calling the doctor jarrett called his parents to come . They both arrived about the same time. The doctor suited up, the NICU team came in (because she was 5 weeks premature they wanted to be there just in case) and it was time to push. I pushed for maybe 5-10 minutes and she was her.
It was one of the most amazing experience of my life being able to hold her for the first time. Something i will never forget in my life. She was doing really good at first breathing, but you could tel lit was a little difficult for her. So after i was done holding her they let the NICU staff help her breath by giving her oxygen. They decided that they wanted to take her to the NICU because she was still struggling taking deep breaths even after they gave her oxygen. She ended up being in the NICU for 11 days. The first two days she was just on a c-pap machine that just constantly blows oxygen into her lungs to keep them inflated. On the third day they decided they wanted to actually put surfactant in her lungs, which required putting her on a ventilator. She ended up being put on the ventilator for two days, but she was actually still doing all the work. The ventilator was more just an aid in case she got to tired to breath on her on. Once she was off the ventilator she was put back on the c-pap machine for 2 days and then they slowly winged her to nasal flow. She finally got off all the breathing assistance on day 8. This was way exciting because the only thing she had left to do was start breast feeding on her own and she could come home. This was the hardest part for her though, because she was still so small that she just didn't have the energy to suck that long by herself, but she finally got it and did great!
So on September 5 she was finally able to come home! This was exciting but also scary at the same time because she still was tiny. But she did great! Tomorrow she will be a month old! it is crazy how fast time has flown by since she has been here. But i have loved every moment of it and can't believe how blessed we are. I know that our heavenly father loves us and was watching over our little princess. Things could have gone really bad having her born 5 weeks early,but he blessed us with a perfect little angel, and with an amazing group of doctors and nurses to take care of her. I am so grateful for every one of the nurses and doctors that watched over and took care of Lux. They were so caring and loving, and did everything they could to make our experience in the NICU a positive and great one! I don't think i could ever thank them enough!!
So even though the birth of our little Lux was an eventful to say the least, it was amazing! We met some of the most amazing people through it and it made us realize how blessed we really are! We are so happy that she is here and healthy!! We could not ask for anything more amazing than this little girl!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

So last time i posted i had just found out that i had to be on bed rest until my amniotic fluids level went up. Well the next week we went back into the doctor for an ultrasound.... and GOOD NEWS, my levels went up! :) They ultrasound showed that my amniotic fluid had gone up to 7.7 cm, which it was at 6 cm, which was way to low. Okay so ya they didn't go up a lot but at least they went up some! Hearing that they had gone up made me feel a little better and made the bed rest worth it. My doctor was also really happy that they went up, but still was worried about them going back down and the baby not having enough cushion inside me. So because he was still worried about them he told me that i was still on "bed rest". He could tell that i wasn't thrilled about him not letting me do things, so he told me that if i had to do something to make sure i didn't lose my sanity that i could, but that i could only be up for a minimal time and that i had to stay out of the heat and make sure i was still drinking tons of water. Other than make sure that i didn't go insane i was NOT suppose to get up. I still wasn't exactly thrilled to only be able to do like one thing a day, but trust me one thing compared to not being doing anything, sounded really good at that point! So overall that doctor appointment ended up being a good one, since my fluid levels were up and we got to hear and see our little princess!

Since the doctor is still worried about my levels he told us that from that point on we would be coming into see him every week. Our last appointment we had with him was last week on the 18th. During this appointment our doctor did the usual things, check my blood pressure, weight, and the wonderful pee test! All looked normal, but being me i was still concerned about my amniotic fluid levels, because i wanted to make sure they had not gone down! So being the worry wart that i am the first question i ask Dr. Lunt when he walks in is how we monitor my fluid levels since that week i had not had an ultrasound. He just simply responded " Well we monitored them one time, so now i am just going to make you worry and we will just guess that they are doing alright!" Of course i just look at him like "umm are you serious?!?" While jarrett burst out laughing with the doctor. Dr. Lunt is a really good family friend! He was jarrett's family home teachers for a long time and his parents and Dr. Lunt became good friends. So of course he was just playing with me because he know that i am a total worry wart! The first question he asks me ever since we found out about my low fluid levels is "if i am still worrying!" My response is ALWAYS yes, and he just smiles and says figures! Anyways after him and jarrett stopped laughing and i realized they were just picking on me he measured my belly first to see if it was still growing. It was suppose to measure at 34 cm but only measured at 33.5 cm. For most people only measuring a half a cm behind wouldn't be a big deal, but for me that is not a good sign! So with me measuring a little small the dr. called for the nurse to bring in the portable ultrasound machine. As he looked at the baby he informed us that she looked great, and just as she said that she kicked him super hard. It was really funny! But as he looked at my fluid he decided that it looked like the levels had stayed the same, and had not gone up. This isn't a bad thing , but we would of preferred that they would have gone up. As he continued to look at the placenta he noticed that there was some grey areas! This is not a good thing, he told us that it looked like my placenta was starting to give up! This of course started to make me worry more! He scheduled me for an ultrasound, which i have tomorrow to actually carefully look at the placenta and to get a precise measurement of the amniotic fluid since he was just going off of looks instead of actual data! Before we left i had a couple of questions for him, of course! Questions including whether i was at a high risk of having to have a c-section (yes), if it was normal that my back was hurting this much (yes, because of the bed rest and not working my muscles out), if i had take a prenatal birth class (ha no, only if i wanted to), and last but not least what is she doesn't want to come out and i end up going over my due date! This question just but a HUGE smile on his face, as he told me to get the idea of going over my due date out of my mind. In fact he said that i would probably not even make it to my due date, and at some time they would have to intervene (which is pretty much saying induce me) because of the placenta and amniotic fluid levels! But he made it pretty clear that she would be here before her due date!! But our goal was to make it to at least 37 weeks, which i am currently 35 weeks along.

So after hearing that she might be here any day, this has kind of made me realise that i need to start preparing. I have her nursery done and she has everything she needs, i just need to start preparing myself for her to be here! I just don't think it had really hit me that she could be here so soon until Dr. Lunt said that! i am super excited, but a little nervous at the same time! Our family has been great though!! they have kept us thinking positive and have even started to make bets on how big and when she will be here! No matter when she comes i just hope that she is healthy and i can't wait to hold her in my arms!! But i will for sure let everyone know how our ultrasound goes, and attempt to keep this thing updated more! I have said that before, but i just tell myself it is the thought that counts! Anyways keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to make it 2 more weeks with her inside, and if not that she will be healthy! love you all :)