Wednesday, October 12, 2011

haha oops (:

okay okay, i know i know... I really suck at keeping up on this thing. I know I know i say that every time i decide to finally update this thing, but i promise there is a great excuse this time! I have been overwhelmed with school and a very, let me repeated VERY mobile little stinker (aka Lux). So i apologize again for being bad at this whole updating thing, but lets face it i have a n lot more fun chasing lux around and doing my "wonderful" homework, that i kind of just forget about this thing. So i probably will forget and not update this thing for another 6 months, he he :)
Okay so as i mentioned before i finally went back to school (college). Yes, it has definitely been kicking my butt. I am really liking it though. I have awesome classes, with awesome professors which is really helpful. Plus i am done everyday by one and no later, so i get to spend the rest of my day with little stinker butt. Joyce, Lux's grandma watches her while i am at school, which is really helpful, because i would never trust a babysitter. Plus her grandma loves her and she loves her grandma so much. Sometime more than me. :) I don't blame her though her grandparents spoil her way more than i do!

Anyways enough about me, i know the majority of you guys read this to see what little miss lux is up too. Well she is definitely up to LOTS! Like i mentioned before she is super mobile. She isn't fully walking all the way but she definitely is trying her hardest. She seriously is so funny to watch. Her favorite things lately are destroying everything. I tell Jarrett all the time that she is the little boy he didn't get. She is constantly get in to all my drawers pulling everything out and of course putting them on. It is so funny she will come out from my bedroom and have like two of my tank tops around her head and one of my socks as a headband. She is pretty hilarious. She also loves her daddy's lambs. Her new thing is if you asked her what a sheep says she says "ba, ba, ba". You ask her what a cow says, she says "ba", how about a horse "ba". Pretty freaking adorable i know. She is definitely a farm girl, and a spoiled on at that.

So we had Lux's first birthday party recently, and it was so much fun. We had it at Staheli Farms, and had all our family and friends there. Of course i went overboard on the decorations and everything. I seriously felt like i was planning a wedding. Jarrett and I decided that no more big parties anymore until like her sweet 16th or something. But it was definitely worth all the time planning it. Even though she won't remember it we had lots of picture taken and she will be able to at least see all the adorable pictures. I couldn't believe how many people showed up either. Lux definitely is loved by a lot of people! We are really lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. I love every single one of you guys! Anyways i better go because i can already hear little miss attitude tearing something apart! So see you later, hopefully i will update this sooner, no promises though :) hehe

Her are some of Lux's 1 year pictures. Alisha Shaw took them, they turned out adorable. Check out her work at She is seriously amazing with kids, and does an awesome job as you can tell!! (:

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